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December 27, 2008 11:16:57 PM EST 

Name: Katie & Wally King

Comments: Your paintings are beautiful, and as we are now the owners of your "Mystical Trail" with the beauty and color of the aspen trees in Colorado, our home...we have the feeling we can walk right down the path to see God's beauty in all it's splendor. Thank you for sharing your God given talent. Your picture will have a very special place in our home. Katie


September 13, 2008 12:37:36 PM EST 

Name: Mark

Comments: Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your art on this site Migdalia. Your artwork is very expressive and beautiful. God has truly given you a talent. It's refreshing how your faith and love is expressed with your paintbrush as well as with your poetic words. Thank you again.


August 26, 2008 9:56:49 PM EST 

Name: MrGuitarMan693

Comments: Magnificent!


 April 22, 2008 11:08:38 AM EST  

Name: Danna Serino

Comments: I love your work! Please keep me posted of any new painting.


February 12, 2008 10:31:11 PM EST  

Name: Zayda Rodriguez

Comments: Me encanta la poesia del ser Boricua, Si algun dia hicieras una serigrafia con esta poesia me gustaria tenerla. Vivo en Grand Rapids MI, yo junto a otro gurpo estamos tratando de formar una Asociacion Boricua para hacer actividades de nuestra patria y cultura. El trabajo es muy duro y arduo, pero esperamos en Dios tener Exito si algun dia estas cerca de MI dejanos saber para hacer alguna actividad cultural. Gracias.