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Title: Eklektikos Alpha

Artist: Migdalia Caban

'Boricua MC'

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 40 3/8 X 30 Inches

Year: 2009

Support: Primed hallow core door

No frame needed

Light Fixtures not included

Contact Artist for Price & Information 


The Eklektikos Collerction:


The Eklektikos Collection embodies a  technique and philosophy that provides an exiting way of looking at a single painting from different perspectives, and discovering new details through the use  of different light source (incandescent light, fluorescent Black light).  These effects are achieved by the use of acrylic paints with diverse qualities and texture, the use of palette knifes, and with the accentuation and variation of brush strokes.  Details and sometimes hidden figures are reveled through the use of fluorescent black light. My Eklektikos technique provides exiting possibilities and different ways to showcase each of these unique paintings according to your desired mood, decor and ambiance.


It's my personal invitation to you, the viewer, to become an active partner with me in the creative processes.


Eclectic… Mysterious… You become part of the artistic journey.   If you are the type of person that needs variation, and exiting options under any light in life, my “Eklektikos Collection”  has been created just for you!



Copyright Information

© 2016 Migdalia Caban.
The Artist reserves all rights of reproduction and all copyright on the Work, the preliminary design, and any incidental works made in the creation of the Work. The Work may not be photographed, sketched, painted, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of the Artist.