Pintora Puertorriqueña Migdalia Cabán

New Mexico

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Midnight Sun´s Crucifixion
 By: Migdalia Cabán


Madona de La Guadalupe
 By: Migdalia Cabán

These paintings were inspired by my
first visit to New Mexico in (2007)

Since a very young age I have always been fascinated by the phenomenon of cultural and religious evolution, and how, in one way or another, our identity, race, beliefs and cultural roots are related.  My recent artwork involves the association of traditional Catholic, Hispanic, and Native religious and cultural iconography, combining them into an impression that depicts a hybrid religion.  By questioning, mixing and restating traditional institutional images from a more deeply personal standpoint, I hope challenge the viewer’s first impression, and traditional expectations.  For instance, in “Midnight Sun”, images of Catholic and Native religious iconography are combined with images drawn from my experience of the Acoma Pueblo Reservation and missions in New Mexico.  By combining religious and cultural iconography, the painting depicts the mysterious blend of two apparently opposite cultures and beliefs. 
     In addition, many of my paintings deal with the images of femininity and motherhood that are a part of both the traditional European Spanish Catholic and Native American cultures and faiths.   Since their initial colonial encounter, these faiths have intermingled and images representing them hybridized. Depictions of women serve an excellent example of this intersection.  Madonna as “Mother earth” and “Mother of God”... the female role as life giver and life sustainer.  My painting, “Guadalupe’s Motherhood” address this issue through an impression in which I portrait the Lady of Guadalupe, breast feeding.





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